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Apex Elementary School 2018-2019 School Year

Each K-5 classroom is able to earn class compliments by displaying PAWSome behavior through out the school building - in the hallways, in their classrooms, and in the cafeteria. When they hit certain milestones, their class earns certain awards. This website will allow you to keep track of how each class is doing so far!

Congratulations to our SECOND QUARTER WINNERS - Ms. Jones' Kindergarten, Ms. Bloomer's 1st Grade, Ms. Shea's 2nd Grade, Ms. Barefoot's 3rd Grade, Ms. Bussey's 4th Grade, and Ms. Gadziala's 5th Grade Classes - they won a special SPIRIT DAY ACTIVITY of their choice!

See below for our 3rd quarter competition!



25 class compliments

Mr. Faulhaber's 5th Grade Class

Ms. Bolebruch's 2nd Grade Class

Ms. Mitchum's 1st Grade Class

Ms. Ball's 3rd Grade Class

Ms. McMillan's 2nd Grade Class

Ms. Carr's Kindergarten Class

Ms. Gayle's 5th Grade Class

Ms. Bussey's 4th Grade Class

Ms. A. Jones' 4th Grade Class



50 class compliments

Ms. Totten's 1st Grade Class

Ms. Green's Kindergarten Class

Ms. Mehl's 2nd Grade Class

Ms. Reid's Kindergarten Class

Ms. Peacock's 1st Grade Class

Ms. McKee's 2nd Grade Class

Ms. Schools' Kindergarten Class

Ms. Reagan's Kindergarten Class

Ms. E. Liles' 3rd Grade Class

Ms. Shea's 2nd Grade Class

Ms. Bell's 1st Grade Class

Ms. McElhennon's 3rd Grade Class

Ms. McMillan's 2nd Grade Class



75 class compliments

Ms. Barefoot's 3rd Grade Class

Ms. Bennett's 3rd Grade Class

Ms. T. Liles' 4th Grade Class

Ms. Truex's 4th Grade Class

Ms. Meluch's Kindergarten Class

Ms. Bloomer's 1st Grade Class

Ms. S. Jones' Kindergarten Class



100 class compliments

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